Phosphate Mining Video: Supplemental Activities

Phosphate Mining Video: Supplemental Activities

Phosphate is the “P” in N-P-K; one of three macronutrients that plants need to thrive. Complete with sweeping shots of reclamation land, up-close footage of a dragline in action, and colorful animation of ancient sea life, this Phosphate Mining video shows students the amazing process of mining phosphate and its importance for global food security. Students will also have the opportunity to take a quiz about what they have learned, practice their Language Arts skills with a writing prompt, and create a review manipulative about what they have learned.

Download Includes:
  • A five-question multiple choice quiz and writing prompt with answer key PDF
  • Detailed instructions for students to create their own review paper manipulative PDF
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Lesson Videos

Phosphate Mining Video (6:15).
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