Farmers 2050

Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due, and pigs don’t just sweat their bacon. Discover what it really takes to help feed the world.

Now you can create and manage a sustainable farm of your very own. Tend to crops; raise animals; and craft goods to trade, sell, and donate in your local community all the while managing the three pillars of sustainability — environment, economic, and social.


  • Plant, grow, and harvest fresh crops, fruits, and vegetables
  • Nurture and raise a variety of animals
  • Craft and sell goods with local partners
  • Source ingredients from around the world
  • Get help from local experts — an agronomist, a veterinarian, or a mechanic
  • Customize and decorate your farm to make it one-of-a-kind

Farmers is FREE to play. No advertisements or in-app purchases.

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Farmers 2050

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