Plant and Soil Science

What is fertilizer and how does it impact plant and soil health? Fertilizers are derived from natural elements, which are found in the ground or atmosphere. Fertilizer is a vital component added to the soil in order to grow strong and healthy plants, both in farm fields and the home garden.

Not sure what to believe about fertilizer? Review the facts, the truth just might surprise you.

It’s hard to get much more “natural” than elements found in nature. Take, for example, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium: N, P and K. So it’s odd that these elements-the three most common crop nutrients are so often deemed as unnatural or inorganic. Fact is N, P and K exist naturally. The only problem is they are seldom in a place, or a form, that’s readily consumable for crops. What crop nutrient suppliers do is harvest these nutrients from nature and make them absorbable for plants.

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Watch these videos to see where phosphate and potash come from: