Industry Ambassadors

We have a lesson worth teaching, and as a member of the agricultural industry, you are the perfect person to teach it! Utilize our curriculum and resources to inform and educate the public about the vital role fertilizer plays in our everyday lives.

Nutrients for Life Industry Ambassador Program

As a passionate member of the agriculture and fertilizer industry, thank you for your interest in becoming a spokesperson for the Nutrients for Life Foundation in your hometown. The goal is to provide you with lessons from our Smithsonian-approved curriculum and equip you to share the importance of soil science and your company with the public.


Lesson Plans

We have an important story to tell about the value of fertilizers in maintaining a sustainable, healthy food supply. These lessons will equip you to use basic items (like apples and Styrofoam cups) to share the story in an engaging and impactful way.

  • Exploring Soil Composition
    PDF | PPT
  • From Root to Plant
    PDF | PPT
  • Fertilizer Basics for All Ages
    PDF | PPT
  • Imagine the Earth as an Apple
    PDF | PPT
  • Investigating Diffusion
    PDF | PPT
  • Soil Separation Lesson
    PDF | PPT

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Brochure for Ag Retailers

Spreading the word about the importance of fertilizers is a team effort. These brochures call the public to action and provide a quick overview of the materials available on this site.